Laser Foot Corn Removal Procedure And How Much Does It Cost?

July 29th, 2011

Laser Corn Removal

Foot corns are annoying and embarrassing to have. It is best to have them removed, and one may choose from the following methods to do so:

  • Corn trimming, which must be done by a healthcare professional at a podiatry clinic.
  • Surgical cauterization and removal of the corn.
  • Laser options wherein laser technology is used to excise the corn.
  • Corn plasters, which come in medicated and non-medicated forms. These are placed on top of the corn like bandages for several days or weeks until the corn is erased or removed.
  • Pumice stone or emery board for soft corns.

Corn Laser Treatment

  • People who shy away from invasive surgical procedures can turn to laser treatment in removing their corns.
  • This method is fast, easy and convenient, and all the patient needs to do is visit a podiatrist and have the treatment done in mere minutes.
  • It must be noted though, that laser treatments do not guarantee the permanent disappearance of corns.
  • Usually, patients who undergo non-invasive corn treatments observe corn recurrence after some time.
  • Those who use options like emery boards, pumice stones, and corn plasters could not also expect highly positive results. Recurrence is also high when using these methods.

Procedure and Cost of Laser Treatment

Patients seeking to remove unsightly corns must expect the following steps in corn removal

  • The foot corns are medicated at the base to prevent swelling.
  • The podiatrist or health technician excises the corn through laser technology.
  • The patient is advised to wear a surgical shoe, if needed.
  • The cost of such laser treatment varies for podiatrists, and the price tag of the laser procedure depends on the number of corns to be removed, and whether these are soft or hard. Hard corns with solid cores are more difficult to remove, so that the procedure for this corn type cost more.

Foot Corn Removal and Prevention of Corns

To avoid having foot corns, observe the following tips:

  • Always go for comfortable shoes. No matter how glamorous some shoes may be, discard them if they only give pain. It is best to choose shoes with soft in-soles.
  • Change the manner of walking when there‚Äôs too much pressure and friction; these two factors cause corns.
  • Pamper the feet. Get some foot relaxation every week to discourage the accumulation of dead skin that develops into corns.